Meriç Ozan & Mutlu Karadoğan
Documentary, 20’ , 2006

2006 • Documentary • 20’ • DV • Color • Turkish with İngilizce Sbt.

Director: Meriç Ozan, Mutlu Karadoğan
Director of Photography: Meriç Ozan, Mutlu Karadoğan
Editing: Meriç Ozan, Mutlu Karadoğan, Mert C. Şatıroğlu
Cast: Veysel Güler, Giray Altıok, Yağmur Zehra Karakoşlu, Emrah Mat
Production: Meriç Ozan, Mutlu Karadoğan, Mert C. Şatıroğlu
World Sales: Ankara University Communication Faculty
Contact: +90 (312) 319 7714

In Derek today only three Armenian lives: Kevork, Naif and Nurşalin. People in the same town called Kevork as Gewok means pigeon in Kurdish, and along with Kevork’s real story the film tells the myth of Noah’s Flood. This parallelism has something with today’s belonging flood.
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