Seyfi Teoman
Fiction, 23’, 2004
Vedat Özdemir
Fiction, 25’, 2004
Aysim Türkmen & Erkin Peprek
Documentary, 13’, 2004
Ozan Açıktan
Fiction, 23’, 2004
Orhan Eskiköy & Pınar Yıldız
Documentary, 17’30’’, 2004
Mengüç Tanrıseven
Fiction, 13’, 2004
H. Fatih Kızılgök
Fiction, 13’55’’, 2005
Övgü Gökçe
Experimental, 8’30’’, 2004
Didem Erayda
Fiction, 18’40’, 2004


Main Jury

Reha Erdem / Director
Reha Erdem born in Istanbul-1960. Studied Galatasaray High School and Bogazici University. Graduated from Cinema and Plastic Arts Faculty of VIII University in Paris. He won several awards with his first feature film “A Ay”. For many years he has directed numbers of advertising films when he did not direct any films. Erdem, wrote and directed all his films: “Run For Money” (1999), “Mommy, I am Scared” (2004), “Singing Women”(2013), “Jîn” (2013)… Montage of the films “Times and Winds” (2006) and “Cosmos” (2010) as well as the montage and sound design of “My Only Sunshine” (2008) film was also made by Reha Erdem. He shoot many short films and staged a drama play of Jane Genet’s “Hizmetciler”. His film “Big Big World” won the Jury Special Award at International Film Festival of Venice in 2016. Same film also won the Best Film and Film Director’s Best Director awards of 23rd Golden Boll Film Festival.
Yeşim Ustaoğlu / Director
Yeşim Ustaoğlu Born in Sarikamis, Kars -18th November 1960. She has graduated from Faculty of Architecture of Karadeniz Thechnical University. Ustaoğlu’s shoot her first feature film “The Trace” in 1994. “The Trace” won the best film awards at Istanbul, Koln and Nurnberg film festivals. Her second film followed “The Trace” is “Journey to the Sun”, 1999. “Journey to the Sun” beside winning the Best European Film, Blue Angel Award and Heinrick Böll Peace Awards at Berlin Film Festival, also won many more national and international awards including the Istanbul and Ankara Film Festivals. She took part as jury member of the International Film selection at 59th Venice Film Festival in 2002. Ustaoğlu won the best script award at Sundance Film Festival in 2003 with her film “Waiting for the Coulds”. Additionally her award winning series continued with the awards NHK International Film Producers Award, Jury Special Award and Best Woman Actress of Istanbul Film Festival beside the many International awards. She has completed her film “Pandora’s Box” in 2008 which was awarded “Crossroad Best Project” at the Thessalonica Film Festival in 2006. She won the Best Film award “Golden Shell” and Best Woman Actress award “Silver Shell” at San Sebastian International Film Festival. “Araf” directed by Ustaoğlu won the best film award of International Abu Dhabi Film Festival in 2012. First Screen play of her film “Clair Obscur” shoot in 2016 was at Toronto International Film Festival. Film has been nominated for the award at many national and International film festivals especially for the best woman actress.
Dervis Zaim / Director
Dervis Zaim born in North Cyprus, 1964. Zaim, studied business administration at Bogazici University. He completed his MA in Cultural Studies at Warwich University. His first novel “Ares Harikalar Diyarında” published in 1995 won the Yunus Nadi Novel Award. His fim venture starts with his experimental film “Kamerayı As” in 1991 continued with a TV documentary “Caminin Etrafındaki Taş”. Zaim’s first feature film “Somersault in a Coffin” (1996) won many awards both nationally and internationally. This film followed by his feature films “Elephants and Grass” (2000), “Mud” (2003), “Waiting for Heaven” (2006), “Dot” (2008) “Shadows and Faces” (2011), “Devir” (2012). His documentary “ Parallel Trips” co-directed with Panicos Chrysanthou was shoot in 2003. He shoot “Fish” in 2014. His film “Dream” succeeded in many national film festivals. Successful film director Derviş Zaim teaches cinematography in several universities.

Pre Jury

Fırat Yücel / Film Critic
Nadir Öperli / Film Critic
Berke Göl / Film Critic

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