Nesli Özalp Tuncer
Documentary, 19’28’’, 2017

2017• Animation Documentary • 19’28’’ • Full-HD • Color, B&W • Turkish, English s.t.

Director: Nesli Özalp Tuncer
Screenplay: Nesli Özalp Tuncer
Director of Photography: Nesli Özalp Tuncer
Art Director: Yunus Tuncer
Sound: Nesli Özalp Tuncer
Editor: Nesli Özalp Tuncer & Arda Aydın
World Sales: Nesli Özalp Tuncer
Cast: Fatma Yaşar, Nesli Özalp Tuncer, Ayşe Özalp, Kamil Özalp, Kuzey Günak, Nadire Günak
Contact: [email protected]

Story of travelling to past with third and fifth generation women whose family had to leave their country because of Turkey - Greece population exchange… Will they be able to take soil from their family’s graves to their homeland Kavala?
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