Nurbanu Asena
2020 / Fiction / 12’’00’’’’ / HD / Colour

Director: Nurbanu Asena
Screenplay: Nurbanu Asena
Art Director: Nurbanu Asena
Music: ÁkosLustyik
Sound: Bal Sound ve Mesut Mustafa Yıldırım
Editor: Nurbanu Asena
Cast: Beyza Kavi Orhan , Özer Orhan, Havva Selcen Yaşar, Taha Yaşar
World Sales: Nurbanu Asena
Contact: [email protected]

Meeting, a short-animated documentary, tells the story of a conversation flourished during a dinner from a Q&A game designed to get to know each other better between two couples who come from families with different social and cultural backgrounds.
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