Gökalp Gönen
2020 / Animation / 14’’30’’’’ / Digital / Colour

Director: Gökalp Gönen
Screenplay: Gökalp Gönen
Character Animations: Ferit Yücel
Texture of the Character: Ecem Okumuş
Music: Gökalp Gönen
Sound: Gökalp Gönen
Editor: Gökalp Gönen
World Sales: Gökalp Gönen
Contact: [email protected]

The creature who is born by a word that comes from nothingness has to eat one of its own kind to survive. It is hard to find the balance even though that word, which is also uttered by the creature, brings with it new friends, enemies and preys. The grand fight is inevitable and it will take a long time to go back to the beginning.
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