Cem Özay
Fiction, 23’, 2017

2017 • Fiction • 23’• HDV • Color • Turkish, English s.t.

Director: Cem Özay
Screenplay: Cem Özay
Director of Photography: Ahmet Yılmaz
Art Director: Ayşen Özay
Sound: Erdinç Kaya
Editor: Mustafa Preşeva
Cast: Dejan Kijevcanin, Ahmet Özay, Batuhan Özay
World Sales: Cem Özay
Contact: [email protected]

Ahmet’s ex-wife is in prison. Ahmet, working as a truck driver, wants to take care of his child who has has been staying in prison with Ahmet’s ex-wife. The father and son has to live in the truck until they settle their ways. They depart for a long journey with a feeling of alienation among them. During this journey, they will have a chance to explore each other.
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