Orhan İnce
Fiction, 19’10’’, 2014

2014 • Fiction • 19’10’’ • HD V • Color • Kurdish, with Turkish and English sbt.

Director: Orhan İnce
Screenplay: Orhan İnce
Director of Photography: Mehmet Y. Zengin
Art Director: Hasan İnce
Sound: Sezgin Cengiz
Editor: Orhan İnce & Hacı Köse
Cast: Yunus Tanrıverdi, Ferzende Tanrıverdi, Aram Dildar, Gülseven Medar, Mahir Dalga, Deniz Sel, Yılmaz Yalçın
World Sales: Orhan İnce
Contact: Orhan İnce, [email protected]

The film tells the story of a boy who has to make a choice in the face of changing living conditions due to the forced immigration in 1993.
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