Emre Kayiş
Fiction, 23’, 2015

2015 • Fiction • 23’ • HD CAM • Color • Kurdish and Turkish, with English sbt.

Director: Emre Kayiş
Screenplay: Emre Kayiş
Director of Photography: Nick Cooke
Art Director: Billur Turan
Sound: Adel Gamehdar & Raoul Brand
Editor: Ricardo Saraiva
World Sales: Oytun Kal
Cast: Sherko Mohamad Ali, Gamze Kaçak, İlke Can, Ahmet İnal
Contact: Oytun Kal, [email protected]

13 years old Syrian Yusuf works illegally in the sandpits to support his family in the absence of his parents. There are only two things in Yusuf’s refugee life in Antakya; tumbler pigeons and the refugee girl Amina from Syria who he is in love with. Amina asks for Yusuf’s help and Yusuf fort he first time in his life practices his power over the others.
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