Resul Sakınmaz
Documentary, 15’29’’, 2015

2015 • Documentary • 15’29’’ • HD CAM • Color • Turkish and Laze, with Turkish and English sbt.

Director: Resul Sakınmaz
Screenplay: KinoStajik Film Ekibi
Director of Photography: Resul Sakınmaz
Sound: Bahadır Alptekin
Editor: Resul Sakınmaz
Music: Birol Topaloğlu
World Sales: Resul Sakınmaz
Contact: Resul Sakınmaz, [email protected]

The movie documents a fragment of the lifes of people in Artvin Hopa between the years 1950-1980, telling the story of their relationships with cinema, their experiences, their film-going habits and what cinema brings them or takes away from them.
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