Mesrure Melis Bilgin
Animation, 2’48”, 2012

2012 • Animastion • 2’48’’ • Color • No Dialogue

Director: Mesrure Melis Bilgin
Screenplay: Mesrure Melis Bilgin
Sound: Dound Design
Editor: Behiç Alp Aytekin
Production: Berat İlk, Canlandıranlar Yetenek Kampı
World Sales: Mesrure Melis Bilgin
Contact: [email protected]

“Tetrist” is a lost Tetris game set-up of today’s Istanbul. The game starts with the image of a re-worked 16th century Pera District miniature of Nasuh the Macer, and moves on with the company of music art that documents the last century of Istanbul. The buildings in the district fall down like Tetris pieces, and get placed by an invisible player. Having been built faster and faster with the proceeding time and changing music art, buildings leave Galata Tower behind and move on to the point of “Game Over”.
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