Erol Mintaş
Fiction, 20’, 2010

2010 • Fiction • 20’ • Betacam • Color • Kurdish with Turkish & English Sbt.

Director: Erol Mintaş
Screenplay: Erol Mintaş
Director of Photography: George Chiper
Editing: Alexandru Radu
Cast: Hasan Ersü, Güzel Demir, Ayda Yavuz, Ahmet İrğaç
Production: Aslı Erdem, Ayşe Buruk, Erol Mintaş
World Sales: Erol Mintaş
Contact: Erol Mintaş, [email protected]

Being the second film of the Trilogy of Mother and Son, Snow tells the story about the relationship of a mother, son, and granddaughter living in a small village in the East of Turkey. It is about the grief of a mother who lost her son and her dying wish: “a handful of snow”.
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