Mahsum Taşkın
2020 / Fiction / 17’’00’’’’ / 4K / Colour
Ceylan Özgün Özçelik
2020 / Experimental / 05’’23’’’’ / Digital / Renkli
Nurbanu Asena
2020 / Fiction / 12’’00’’’’ / HD / Colour
Zeynep Dilan Süren
2020 / Fiction / 19’’47’’’’ / DCP / Colour
Fehmi Öztürk
2020 / Fiction / 05’’00’’’’ / HD / Colour
Gökalp Gönen
2020 / Animation / 14’’30’’’’ / Digital / Colour
Irmak Karasu
2020 / Fiction / 20’’46’’’’ / HD / Colour
Malaz Usta
2020 / Experimental / 19’’00’’’’ / Digital / Colour
Hüseyin Aydın Gürsoy
2020 / Fiction / 20’’00’’’’ / HD / Colour
Onur Güler
2020 / Fiction / 16’’00’’’’ / Digital / Colour


Main Jury

Barış Diri

Having graduated from Marmara University's Department of Music Education, he made the music for a lot of movies and TV series along with theatre pieces since 2006. He also collected the music he made for the movies in various albums. His work has received several prizes so far.

Kara Köpekler Havlarken Black Dogs Barking, 2008
Canavarlar Sofrası The Monsters' Dinner, 2011
Misafir The Visitor, 2011
Kusursuzlar The Impeccables, 2013
Son Çıkış Siren's Call, 2018
Kraliçe Lear Queen Lear, 2019
Çiğdem Mater

Producer. She was also the associate producer in Majority, directed by Seren Yüce in 2010; the co-producer of Kaan Müjde’s 2014 movie Sivas; producer of Toz Bezi, directed by Ahu Öztürk in 2015. She has contributed to Anadolu Kültür as a consultant since 2009 and she has been a coordinator in the Armenia Turkey Cinema Platform. Mater is working as a producer in feature films and documentaries. She is also the executive producer of many films which are shot in Turkey including Ai Weiwei’s documentary Human Flow, Eric Baudlaire’s As Known as Jihadi and the movie Weldi directed by Mohamed Ben Attia.
Hasibe Eren

She graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Market Research and Advertising and later, from Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy. She got her master’s degree in 2010 from Bahçeşehir University, (Advanced Acting Program). She has worked in the unit of child education in Istanbul Municipality Theatre and to this day, she still continues to work with children.

Anlat İstanbul Istanbul Tales, 2005
Usta The Master, 2009
Adab-i Muaseret, 2009
Kıskanmak Envy, 2009
Pazarları Hiç Sevmem I Don't Like Sundays at All, 2012
Kümes The Coop, 2015
Ümit Ünal

He graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts the Department of Cinema and Television Arts in 1985. He has won several prizes with the short films he made during his university education. His first scenario My Aunt won the grand prize in Milliyet’s Competition of Scenarios, later it was filmed by Halit Refiğ. He has won multiple awards, both in his own country and abroad, with the movies he directed.

9, 2001
Anlat İstanbul Istanbul Tales, 2004
Ara, 2008
Gölgesizler The Shadowless, 2008
Kaptan Feza, 2009
Ses The Voice, 2010
Nar The Pomegranate, 2011
Sofra Sırları Serial Cook, 2017
Aşk, Büyü, vs Love, Spells and All That 2019

Pre Jury

Elif Ergezen / Documentary Filmmaker
Enis Köstepen / Producer
Zeynep Ünal / Producer

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