Ezgi Kaplan
Documentary, 12’, 2008

2008 • Documentary • 12’ • DV • Color • Turkish with English sbt.

Director: Ezgi Kaplan
Screenplay: Ezgi Kaplan
Director of Photography: Tamer Giray, Ezgi Kaplan
Editing: Ezgi Kaplan
Cast: Takuhi Tovmasyan, Mari Tovmasyan
Production: Ezgi Kaplan
World Sales: Ezgi Kaplan
Contact: [email protected]

Semolina halva, which has been seen in many different cultures, is made especially for sharing the mourning after a funeral in Anatolian cultures. The author of the book "Cheer Your Table", Takuhi Tovmasyan tells the story of her Uncle Mardik whom she never saw, while cooking this well known dessert.
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