Tunay Sevinç
Fiction, 11’49”, 2005

2005 • Fiction • 11’49’’ • 35mm • Color • Turkish, English s.t.

Director: Tunay Sevinç
Screenplay: Tunay Sevinç
Director of Photography: Zekeriya Kurtuluş
Editing: Tunay Sevinç
Music: Deniz Cuylan
Cast: Serkan Keskin, Atilla Perek, Ahmet Kaynak, Yavuz Pekman, Orhan Ertürk, Ali Güney
Production: Süreyya Gariboğlu
World Sales: Tunay Sevinç
Contact: [email protected]

Two guys roam about the seaside by the benches. While they are staring around, something from the sea catches their attention. First they are surprised. Then, surprise turns into curiosity. New friends join them and they devise a plan together. For a while, they don’t need to think about the whole thing twice.
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