Umut Aral
Fiction, 17’38’’, 2005

2005 • Fiction • 17’38’’ • Super16mm, 35mm • Color • Turkish, English s.t.

Director: Umut Aral
Screenplay: Umut Aral
Director of Photography: Gökhan Atılmış
Editing: Umut Aral
Music: Eray Altınbüken
Cast: Ruhi Sarı, Gürkan Uygun, Ali Çekirdekçi, Selçuk Uluergüven
Production: Umut Aral, Ömer Atay
World Sales: Umut Aral
Contact: [email protected]

Three men. Each of them are from different parts of the world of crime. Cem is a swindler. Muşta is a hit man, Ali is a pickpocket. The paths of these three men intersect at Haydarpaşa Train Station and they begin working as a team. Until oneday they all have to face their past.
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