Mehmet Bahadır Er
Experimental, 14’, 2005

2005 • Experimental • 14’• DV • B&W • Turkish, English s.t.

Director: Mehmet Bahadır Er
Screenplay: Mehmet Bahadır Er
Director of Photography: Diğba Ener, Batuhan Ener
Editing: Hasan Ciritoğlu
Cast: Diğba Ener, Mehmet Bahadır Er
Production: Mehmet Bahadır Er
World Sales: Protim Prodüksiyon
Contact: [email protected]

“Allah- beginning with the name of- the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. When the earth is shaken with its appointed tremor, and the earth throws out its burdens and mean says, “What has happened to it?”, on that day, earth will narrate its news, Because your Lord sent a command to it. 6. On that day men will return towards their Lord, in different groups, in order to be shown their deeds. 7. So whoever does a good deed equal to the weight of the minutest particle, will see it.”
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