Orhan Eskiköy & Pınar Yıldız
Documentary, 17’30’’, 2004

2004 • Documentary • 17’30’’• Video • Color • Turkish, English s.t.

Director: Orhan Eskiköy & Pınar Yıldız
Screenplay: Orhan Eskiköy & Pınar Yıldız
Director of Photography: Armağan Pekkaya
Editing: Aslı Soyumert
Production: Pınar Yıldız
World Sales: Orhan Eskiköy & Pınar Yıldız
Contact: [email protected], [email protected]

Altundağ family had to move to Diyarbakır from their village ten years ago. Remziye, who is the one of the seven children of the family, tries to explain why they had to emigrate to city from their village and what they lived after emigrating. Altundağ family is one of the thousands of families who had to emigrate to cities from their villages
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