H. Fatih Kızılgök
Fiction, 13’55’’, 2005

2005 • Fiction • 13’55’’• 35mm • Color • Turkish, English s.t.

Director: H. Fatih Kızılgök
Screenplay: H. Fatih Kızılgök
Director of Photography: Robbie Ryan
Editing: H. Fatih Kızılgök
Cast: Güçlü Yalçıner, Tatjiana Mul
Production: Enformasyon
World Sales: H. Fatih Kızılgök
Contact: [email protected]

Dust presents for us vignettes from an extraordinary but imperfect life that a couple created for themselves. Undermining our outsider advantage of clear vision, we find ourselves in a dust cloud that Osi and her lover struggle in.
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