Ercan Selim Öngöz
Fiction, 11’33’’, 2016

2016 • Fiction • 11’33’’ • HDV • Color • Turkish, with English sbt.

Director: Ercan Selim Öngöz
Screenplay: Ercan Selim Öngöz
Director of Photography: Mehmet Kostakoğlu
Art Director: Murat Aksoy
Music: Left Alone by REALinctruments
Sound: Murat Aksoy
Editor: Ercan Selim Öngöz
Cast: Nuri Osman Apaydın, Harun Murat Aydın, Yılmaz Cücük, Ayşe Sude Ödemiş
World Sales: Ercan Selim Öngöz
Contact: Ercan Selim Öngöz, [email protected]

A lonely old man realizes that time passes faster with every second goes by. He makes his last preparations and starts waiting…
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