Barış Sarhan
Fiction, 18’08’’, 2016

2016 • Fiction • 18’08’’ • HD CAM • Color • Turkish, with English sbt.

Director: Barış Sarhan
Screenplay: Barış Sarhan
Director of Photography: Cahit Erşan
Art Director: Erman Alabaş
Music: Bora Başkan
Sound: Yalın Özgencil, Sertaç Toksöz
Editor: Ali Aga
Cast: Ozan Çelik, Gülce Oral, Alican Yücesoy
World Sales: FİLMADA / Armağan Lale
Contact: armağ[email protected]

Alone at home, Cemil is shooting and sharing his own funny videos and is supervising the security cams in the shopping mall he works. His biggest desire is to be chosen “Employee of the Month” and thus get attention of his platonic love Burcu, the most popular girl of the mall. Being very disappointed, Cemil makes everyone in the shopping mall listen to him from the common speakers to show his talent.
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