Soner Sert
Fiction, 17’, 2017

2017 • Fiction • 17’ • 4K • Color • Russian, Turkish with Russian, Turkish and English s.t. 

Director: Soner Sert
Screenplay: Soner Sert
Director of Photography: Emre Pekçınar
Art Director: Rabia Kip
Sound: Rıdvan Aytekin
Editor: Mine Tekipek
Cast: Sonya Dicle Akbaş, Aysan Sümercan, Elena Ünaldı
World Sales:  Soner Sert
Contact: soner_sert17@hotmail.com

Anna, as a woman in her 20s, has immigrated from Russia to Turkey. She earns her living by working as a nurse for bedridden patients. Due to an unexpected event, she decides to change her occupation but things will not be easy for her.

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